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Season 4 Finale “The Getaway” Episode Recap

by on Dec.17, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Big spoilers within. If you have’nt seen the Season 4 finale yet, you do NOT want to read this post, come back once you have!


Dexter & Arthur declare peaceWho saw *that* coming?  Not me!  A fantastic episode to wrap up the season. Rather than jump to the end let’s get back to the beginning of the episode. As you know last week’s episode “Hello, Dexter Morgan” ended with Arthur right in Dexter’s face on his own turf – the Homicide division of Miami Metro.  Dex manages to nudge Arthur towards his office where an agreement is reached, Arthur does’nt want to kill him, does’nt want anything to do with him, just wants Dexter out of his life.  Dexter agrees, only to buy him some time and get Arthur out of the office.

Thinking he’s intimidated Dexter, Arthur heads out the office with a smug look on his face.  However Dexter realises that this may be the only opportunity to catch and finally kill him, so follows after him.  He runs into Quinn in the carpark who has beef with Dexter about a report, Dexter – in no mood for delays winds up shoving Quinn to the ground.  The chase begins.

While speeding through the streets, old faithful Harry appears – “What’s your plan Dexter?”.  Dexter’s only plan is to follow Arthur until an opportunity arises. Adding to the stress, Rita calls about wanting a honeymoon  –  unfortunately he should have been concentrating on the road more and swipes a side mirror of another car.  Ignoring this he follows his target into a parking garage and watches as he walks towards a bank.  A perfect spot to nab Arthur on his return.

Dexter -about to lose it in front of the copsUpon his return Dexter cleanly grabs Arthur and knocks him out with his needle juice.  Seems that Arthur was at the bank to close his account and take all the money, which can only mean that he’s planning a getaway.  About to wrap things up nicely Dexter notices the guy who’s mirror he knocked off along with two cops, just as he was thinking his luck was finally changing.  The conversation with the guy and the cops heats up when the he tries to take a photo of Dexter, who loses his cool and goes for the jugular and is then promptly arrested.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb is ordered to take the day off by Batista as she only just witnessed Christine commit suicide.  Rather than chilling out Deb favours using this time to chase up one of Harry’s CI’s.  The CI leads her to a scarily familiar place, the home of Brian Moser where Deb was on the cutting table 3 years before.

After Rita bails Dexter out of jail, she drives him to his car.  Dexter hopes that Arthur is still unconcious inside, but unfortunately not. Arthur escaped and headed straight for his house to ransack the place for more money, which Dexter had hidden near the van above a light in the garage.  Dexter grabs the cash and heads off, now without a clue how to track down Arthur again.  Later Dexter talks to Rita about the honeymoon, Dex thinks it’s a very good excuse to get the family out of harms way.  Astor and Cody go with their grandparents to Disney World while Rita and baby Harrison leave for the Keys ahead of Dexter who wants to stay behind for the night to take care of Arthur.

To clarify the Moser situation Deb goes to talk to Harry’s old cop buddy who hesitantly opens up and confirms that Dexter is indeed the son of Laura and Brian’s brother.   Deb naturally flips out over this information.  Meanwhile at Miami Metro things are heating up as they begin to work out that Stan Beaudry is not the killer they’re after.  Deb is called in to interview Scott Smith, the 10 year old who was kidnapped by Arthur, Deb opens up to him about being kidnapped and helps Scott to remember the sign on the car he was taken away in.  It’s the Four Walls sticker.  This leads them to a build where they dig up a young boy, this along with other information leads them to one… Arthur Mitchell.

Debra & Batista open up the Garage to find Dexter already there.As he has no idea how to track down Arthur, Dexter heads to the Mitchell household to find that Arthur was there and desperate for cash.  Suddenly Dexter is surprised by noise outside, the house is covered in SWAT.  Dexter manages to quickly run and hide in Arthur’s coffin.  Arising out of the coffin moments later just as the garage door opens to Deb and Angel and he explains that he rushed to the scene so quickly he forgot his flak jacket.

Once the rush is over, Harry intercedes to lecture Dexter, saying that the harm Arthur did to his family is bound to happen to Dexter’s, “You’ll always need someone on your table”.  Deb interrupts this to tell Dexter about Laura Moser, Dexter plays dumb and pretends he never heard of her.  Following on Deb tells him that two boys were left behind after Laura died, Dexter was one and the other was Brian Moser – The Ice Truck Killer.  Dexter does actually panic a little but turns this into faux confusion and guilt that he was responsible for Deb becoming Brian’s target.  In a teary moment Deb dismisses Dexter’s guilt stating that he is the only constant good thing in her life.   Dexter takes this well and sees it as a way of differentiating himself from Arthur as no-one saw good in Arthur, but at least Deb and Rita do in him.  Right after this conversation Dexter clocks the broken windshield that Jonah smashed with a baseball bat, Dexter looks through the envelope he got off Arthur earlier, he sees a receipt for the GT 500 to fix the windshield…. as well as a respray.

Back at Metro, the Feds have come in to take over the Arthur Mitchell case, much to the bemusement of the team.  The least impressed was Debra who took the opportunity to blame the FBI for not listening to Lundy in the first place, which eventually led to his death.  Matthews attempts to defuse the situation but even Quinn steps in to reiterate Deb’s point.

Arthur-CruisingEnjoying his cruise down the highway that afternoon Arthur seems to be very pleased, but later that evening he needs to pull over as the Mustang is blowing smoke and clunking, he pops the hood “Where’s my fucking oil cap?”…. Dexter appears through the smoke, pushes him to the ground “Hello, Arthur Mitchell” (cute) and wrestles him to the ground.  It appears that Dexter beat him to the car shop, took off the oil cap and presumably hid in the trunk.  Finally Arthur is on Dexter’s table, surrounded by hundreds of photos of his victims.  A deep conversation begins, they talk about family, their inner monsters, heaven and acceptance before the merciful Dexter switches on Arthur’s trainset and plays that incredibly creepy “Oh Vera” song, then takes the infamous hammer, claw side down and kills Arthur Mitchell.

On the Slice of Life, Dexter disposes of Arthurs remains and ponders that his Dark Passenger needs to take a back seat to what he really wants now, to focus on Rita and his family.  The family which used to be secondary and part of Dexter’s mask has grown into something very human within him.  Back at home he glances over the family photos on the wall.  His phone beeps, receives a voicemail from Rita, calls her back only to hear that her phone is right next to him.  Outside of the room he hears a baby cry, rushes towards the voice… flips on the bathroom switch to see baby Harrison on the floor surrounded by blood, peering around the corner Rita comes into view, lying in the bathtub full of her own blood.

My two stabs:

Holy shit eh?  We all knew a major character was going to kick it this season, but Rita would have been about last on my list!  I admit in retrospect it is one of those things I *should* have seen coming.  It does make perfect sense, John Lithgow and the Trinity killer could not be just another target for Dexter, it had to be significant.  Then with Harrison I do feel bad though, regulars of my little blog would remember a post in which I complained about Rita being so annoying, with an accompanying poll:

Has Rita become too annoying?

  • O-M-G Yes. Trinity - Take her out! (47%, 148 Votes)
  • Yep, a little. (33%, 105 Votes)
  • Whadda ya mean? She's lovely! (20%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 317

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I never knew the esteemed writers of Dexter read my blog! 😉  On a serious note I do feel bad about that poll now, but at least 148 (47%) of you agreed that Trinity should take her out too!  Thanks for sharing the guilt guys.  I will miss Rita though, she was always good Yang to Dexter’s Yin.    As well as the character I’ll also miss the gorgeous Julie Benz.  I wonder if she will return in Season 5 as a Harry-esque ghost?  By the way there has been much net-natter about the whole scene being a dream in which Dexter will awake from in S5, showrunner Clyde Phillips has confirmed that this is not the case.

What do you think is in store for season 5?  Big things are going to change that’s for sure, but as the entire cast & crew are off on hiatus even they don’t know where the next season will go.  Discuss the episode in the forum, leave a comment and you may want to follow me on Twitter.  BTW regarding twitter, please don’t just follow me, talk to me as I’m always up to chat about Dexter!


Rita Morgan

13th December 2009


“You were the wind beneath a serial killer’s wings.”

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Season 4 Finale Episode Preview “The Getaway”

by on Dec.11, 2009, under Episode Previews

Only 3 days to go! I can’t believe this moment is here.  Sad in a way. Following on from last week’s gripping ending, Arthur now knows Dexter’s real identity, he tracks down Dexter’s home address, is Dexter’s family safe?  Deb digs up a piece of Dexter’s past, will it lead to other hidden treasures in Dexter’s trove?

There’s a whole lotta conjecture going on, many people believe that a major character is going to bite the bullet.. perhaps even more than one, I agree.  Mainly because of John Lithgow’s statement at Comic-Con this year “I could speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode”. So whatever it is, it’s gonna be humungous!

This is it (minor spoiler)

I’m sure every Dexter addict is painfully going about their days, just waiting for Sunday night to arrive!  I know I am.  Do you have any predictions?  Will someone die, if so, who?  Feel free to leave a comment here or have your say in the forum.  Only 2 more sleeps people 😉

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Dexter Episode 11 “Hello, Dexter Morgan” Recap

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Episode Recaps

So there was episode 11, very much a ‘tie up all loose ends’ episode.  Get everyone in place ready for the big finale.  Let’s get those loose ends out of the way before we focus on the main storylines.

Rita & DexterAll is not well on the homefront for Dexter, Rita admits to him that she kissed Elliot.  Poor unemotional Dexter did’nt respond as expected.  Dexter showed no signs of jealousy or anger, raising questions for Rita.  Later Dexter punches Elliot to show Rita that he does care.  So that makes Rita happy again. Meh.

Captain Matthews discovers that Batista and LaGuerta are still bumping uglies, so threatens them.  Painted into a corner, they choose to get married to nullify Matthew’s accusations.  The ploy works, but Matthews walks away in disgust with them using the sanctity of marriage for professional gain. Meh squared.

Moving on to the good stuff, Dexter needs to throw the all too effective Quadrinity investigation off track.  He chooses a suspect from Lundy’s file… A trucker who escaped a murder conviction.  He also receives a call from Arthur who is naturally suspicous why a man who witnesses an abduction of a young boy does’nt report it to the police.  Covering himself, Dexter asks for $50,000 from Arthur under theat of being named a pedophile.

Christine is in custody but refusing to talk, Angel bends some rules and keeps her as a material witness to keep her in custody longer while they work out her connection to Quadrinity.

Meeting at a murder scene Dexter realises Arthur is hunting him when he hears the victim’s name was Kyle Butler.  Upset that he’s responsible for yet another innocent person’s life, he realises he must catch Arthur ASAP.  He heads to the ‘next’ Kyle Butler home, puts him to sleep and awaits Arthur.  Unfortunately Arthur discovers that Kyle Butler on a postcard just inside the door, where Dex is ready to pounce, and then leaves.

Angel and Deb finally get a warrant to search Christines house and discover postcards which match the dates and places of Quadrinity’s kills, all signed “Love Daddy”.  They hope that this will urge Christine to talk however she continues to protect her father.  Neither Angel or Deb, who attempted the heart-to-heart approach, were successful in getting Christine to admit she knows that she’s Quadrinity’s daughter.  They eventually let her go – under surveillance in the hope that she’ll contact her father.

Dexter Kills BeaudryDexter is challenged and sidetracked by family and work whilst trying to meet up with Stan before he returns to Miami.  He then rushes back to Miami to cover Stan’s home in Arthur’s DNA.  So then Miami Metro gain a very likely suspect with alot of evidence and hopefully providing Dexter with plenty of time to finally take Arthur out.

Sitting watching TV again, Arthur discovers that Stan Beaudry is now the no.1 suspect, as the story breaks he receives a call from his darling daughter.  The call does not go well at all for the lass with more Daddy issues than a trampstamped Vegas stripper.  She begs for her father’s help, but Arthur tells Christine what a dumbarse she was and disowns her, demanding that she never all him again, ever.  Daddy’s girl does’nt take this well and calls for a meeting with Deb at her home.

Miami’s phones seem to be running hot as Arthur calls Dexter regarding the drop-off for the $50k.  Dexter overhears the games, music and noise in the background and knows exactly where Arthur is – the arcade where he previously nabbed the boy.  So they arrange the meeting time for that evening, then Dexter head straight to the arcade to catch Arthur.  Except that Arthur tricked Dex, so now becomes the hunter and follows Dexter.

Whilst Dexter is uknowingly the hunted, Deb meets Christine at her place with Quinn staying close outside.  Christine in tears admits to Deb that she killed Lundy and shot her.  She begs for Debra’s forgiveness, but Deb is simply unable to.  Christine pulls out a gun and shoots herself.  She calls Dexter in to the office for some brotherly support.

This leads to Arthur following him all the way to Miami Metro where he promptly asks if a Kyle Butler works there, unsurprisingly not.  He steals a visitors pass from a tourist and wanders his way around the office.  Passing a trophy case he sees a bowling photo of Dexter et al. He then stumbles upon Deb’s Trinity wall where he admires his work of over 30 years.  At first he appears a little shocked, then smiles a wicked and satisfied smile,  glancing accross to Stan Beaudry’s photo as no.1 suspect. “Mr Beaudry, you’ve done me a kindness” he grins. Strolling around, Arthur and Dexter spot each other almost simultaneously, Dex jumps out of his chair and rushes (in slomo) towards Arthur – standing toe-to-toe, Arthur glances down at Dexter’s ID badge and coolly says “Hello, Dexter Morgan”.Hello, Dexter Morgan

My 2 cents, I think the episode as a whole was fairly tame.  This is mostly due to tying up the loose ends which no one could give a rat’s arse about.  I also think that there is no way Dexter would have fallen for Arthur’s arcade trap.  With Dexter’s experience along with the fact he knows Arthur is a calculating SOB he would’ve seen it as a trap instantly, even I picked up on it the second he called from the arcade.  Also in the unbelievable spectrum, is that Arthur could get into the Homicide division with just a visitor’s badge?  Even small businesses have a policy that no visitor can be in the building unless they’re escorted, but in a Police Station? Gimme a break!  However, Jennifer’s performance in the suicide scene was awesome as was Courtney Ford’s.  The ending was pure suspense, simply brilliant and made the whole episode!

Do you think Dexter should've fallen for Arthur's Arcade trap?

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Dexter Episode 10 “Lost Boys” Recap

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Episode Recaps

After Cody fell through his shed roof last week, Dexter has rented a shipping container to store bloodslides and kill tools.  This is an apt place for his refuge as it is reminiscent of the place his Dark Passenger was born.

Arthur - Office CarnieFocusing purely on killing Arthur now, Dexter tracks him to a shopping mall. He’s not the only one, Arthur follows kids led by a babysitter and whose family is retarded enough to put a sticker with all thier family members on the back of their SUV.  A small boy leaves the group to play a video game, Arthur quickly swoops in and using the family names, conjures up a story convincing enough for the boy to believe and leave with him. Dexter follows them but Arthur is too quick and escapes.

Also hot on Trinity’s trail, Deb seeks the advice and support of Batista letting him know of her hunch about Quinn’s girlfriend Christine. Deb uses the fact that Christine wants to interview her regarding the shooting incident so she can turn the questioning back to her, when she does this Christine appears very uncomfortable and leaves abruptly. Batista is convinced she’s hiding something and assists Deb. They must tread carefully as if they are wrong Quinn will be beyond pissed.

Arthur and Scott play with trains.Meanwhile Arthur is going through his ‘process’. In a windowless room, Scott watches Arthur play with his trains like a child and insists on calling him Arthur. Scott pleads with Arthur to let him go, but it all falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile Dexter discovers why he took the boy, he does’nt kill 3 people, its four! Each person he kills represents a family member, the boy is himself before he walked in on his sister causing her death which lead to the loss of his own innocence.

Lundy missed these as the boys were never found murdered and therefore were just listed as missing persons. Dexter scours the databases and finds previous boys who were killed close before women were found dead in a bathtub. Turns out there’s quite a few and Dexter rushes to locate the boy before its too late. Running against the clock Dexter calls on the help of Arthurs son Jonah who eventually agrees and also asks Dex why he’s the only one outside of the family who sees Arthur for who he really is.Dexter to Jonah-The Sins of the Father

On the homefront Cody gets into a fight at school, a kid says he saw Dexter leave the camp on the last Young Sailors outing. Cody defended Dexter’s honour, gets a black eye and decides he does’nt want to be in Young Sailors anymore if they’re liars, unaware that he is caught up in a lie. This is another nail in Dexter’s ‘good father’ coffin and makes him feel very guilty.

Christine suspects that Deb is on to her and begs for her father’s help. Turns out that Christine is’nt so much a killer like her father, but is so desperate for his attention and approval that she killed Lundy in order to protect her Arthur. Christine also lets him know that she remembers when she was a child and following him on one of his bathtub kills.

Little does Christine know, but Deb is even closer than she fears. Deb using her unique brand of charm, manages to convince Quinn to get some DNA evidence from her. Quinn returns with a toothbrush it ends up with Masuka to analyse. Later Masuka returns to report that Christine is related to Trinity. The team waste no time finding her and Christine is arrested.

Arthur and ChristineFrantically dodging everyone and everything he can to focus on tracking down the house where Arthur is keeping the boy, Dexter finally finds some evidence in an and old bomb shelter, but he is too late, he missed them by only minutes. He works out that for Arthur to have keep these boys’ bodies a secret all these years, he must be burying them in the Four Walls project houses. He rushes to the closest one to find Arthur zipping up the boy and about to sink him into a deep hole of wet cement. After a struggle Dexter manages to save the sinking boy but Arthur escapes.

I think the episode as a whole was awesome, it lacked some of the punches compared to the last episode, but I was totally engrossed during the entire show. It was great watching Deb being ultra focused and on the offensive with Christine. Also John Lithgow continues his virtuoso performance keeps me chilled to the bone. Apart from Quinn/Christine there was’nt too much going on in couples world which I found refreshing. Of course there was Dexter feeling guilty about working so late all the time and involving Cody in a lie.

Judging from this week’s previews I highly suspect a major charater is on the chopping block this week. I don’t have anything to base this on but I reckon it’s going to be Deb! What do you think? Leave a comment or discuss in the forum.

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Dexter Episode 8 “Road Kill” Recap

by on Nov.18, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Spoilers Within

Deb-presentationFollowing the discovery that Farrow was not a killer, Dexter is riddled with guilt & doubt.  Even though his victim was a wanker, he was no killer.  More than this guilt is the realisation to himself that Dexter is not one to dwell on mistakes which also opens him up to risks and even human-like emotions.  To combat these feelings he realises he must set to do what he should’ve done much earlier.  Kill Trinity.

Popping in to visit Trinity/Arthur, He notices how Arthur treats his family in a very controlling manner, “small cracks in the perfect family, which makes them perfectly normal”.  Dexter/Kyle learns that he is off to Tampa for a four-walls build.   Dexter returns to work in search of a convention to get him off to Tampa.  Laying out a full-on boring story, Dexter manages to get time away by requesting to attend a meteorologist convention to LaGuerta and Rita… Who are suitably brain-numbed into submission.

Catching up with Arthur just as he’s about to leave,  Dexter quickly tries to get a tag-along but finds resistance, Dex then puts on a big sob story, saying that “I need you” so Arthur simply could’nt say no.  Along the drive, Dexter is asking alot of questions to get information about what Arthur might be up to and of course to find the right time to lay him on a table.  Tiring of the questions quickly, Arthur snaps at Dexter, leading him to ask about Dexter’s ‘troubles’.  Eventually at a roadside stop Dexter admits to killing an innocent man, naturally making up some of the details though.  This works to grab Arthur’s undivided attention and even some sympathy.

While still trying to keep Lundy’s legacy alive, Deb makes a huge mistake by letting a slide slip in a presentation alerting LaGuerta to the fact that Deb was chasing the Trinity Killer all along.  Giving up, Deb lays out all of the patterns and LaGuerta surprisingly decides to assign resources to the case.  Unfortunately that means Deb must be taken off the case as she was a victim of Trinity’s.

Arthur takes Dexter to his home where (along with a funny encounter with the owners) he takes Dexter to the bathroom and explains that he was watching his sister in the shower, she saw him in the mirror (or he explains ‘the mirror saw him’) and startled her, she slipped, smashing the glass and slicing her leg.  Maintaining that he was 10 and this was innocent, his parent’s blamed him.  This eventually led to Arther’s mother taking her own life, you guessed it, by taking her own life.  Dexter assumes that after being blamed and taunted by his alcoholic father, Arthur kill him, presumably with a hammer.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb makes a startling discovery whilst checking her shot wounds.  The entry of her wounds are completely level, Deb asks Masuka to have a look.  Masuka, seeing Deb half naked is happy to oblige.  They work out that there is no way with Trinity’s height that he could be the shooter.  She quickly explains this to LaGuerta who not only puts Deb back on the case, but makes her Lead Investigator on it.  They have proof that they are now not after Trinity for the shooting, but someone else entirely and put a plan in action to set up road blocks to take DNA swabs from elderly men.

Staying at Miami Metro, the oh so yawnful relationship with LaGuerta and Batista rises up again over some late night work… Yeah we did’nt see that coming at all. Someone I feel is going to lose out when the brass find out that the relationship is back on.  However the other romance between Quinn & Christine seems to be heating up.  Christine is desperately trying to get a story from Quinn and discovers that swab kits in Quinn’s apartment and chooses to investigate.  Also on the relationship front, it seems that Rita may have an admirer, the next door neighbour ends up having dinner with her and their kids.  Later Rita talks about her wilder years stating that she was a “dress over the head party girl”.   I find it hard to think that being as Rita is so holier-than-thou and also very happy with Dexter that she would let anything happen, but perhaps this friendly neighbour will take things a little too far?

Jump-Trinity-Jump!That night Dexter and Arthur go shopping for ‘build materials’… or rather, Dexter needs more plastic wrapping.  Arthur explains how he feels they are kindred spirits as they have both killed innocent people, Dexter only beleives that they were both born in blood.  Wasting no time Dexter dresses up his hotel room as his kill room.  Later he discovers that Trinity is missing from his room.  Tracing him back to the build site finds Arthur looking out over from the top floor.  Following up behind him, Dexter watches as Trinity steps forward – about to jump!  He lurches to grab hold of Arthur… Lying there holding him Dexter is having trouble deciding whether to let go or save him… “Why keep him alive just to kill him”.  Eventually he chooses to let go, only to be saved by fellow workers.

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