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New Dexter Podcast: Dissecting Dexter

by on Jun.03, 2010, under Dexter News, Interviews

Below is another guest post by a true fellow Dexter addict! Gareth also contributed another post: “Dexter nabs two Golden Globes”.   Gareth is an excellent podcaster and truly adds interesting insights into the show. If you’re interested in writing a guest post here (and plug your blog, podcast etc) please contact me. (conditions apply).

Dissecting Dexter LogoA new podcast about our favourite serial killer has recently launched. Dissecting Dexter goes back and rewatches and reviews the show from the beginning, starting with the season 1 Pilot.

Hosted by Gareth Watkins, who also presents the Gareth’s Waste of Time Podcast, the show includes detailed commentary and analysis of characters and storylines.

Dexter fans needed a Dexter fix during the hiatus and this podcast provides it!

Subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or grab the podcast from the blog

Follow the podcast on Twitter @dissectdexter

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Dexter S04E02 “Remains to be Seen” Episode Recap

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Dexter-S04E02-1The second episode shoots off from last week’s premiere with a view of flashing lights and our hero, Dexter, trapped in his van.  Concsious in the ambulance, but suffering from a bout of amnesia Dexter fears that Benito Gomez is still in his car, in neatly wrapped pieces.  Dexter must take care of his remains before someone finds them. Keeping viewers in delicious suspense we follow Dexter after he refuses Doctor’s orders to stay in for observation.

Suffering from concussion and memory loss, Dexter attempts to retrace his steps to locate the remains of Benny Gomez before someone else does.  Harry makes many appearances during these scenes, hammering home that he is “spinning too many plates”.  Something’s got to give.

Desperate in his search, Dexter hopes that no one is murdered today, so he can focus on finding his lost luggage.  Naturally, Dexter has no luck and is forced to investigate another “Vacation Murders” crime scene.  Where he also spots Quinn pocketing cash from the murder victims home, Quinn knows he was spotted, but it’s too late. With time running out to find Gomez, Harry assists and Dexter finally realises he must go to the beginning of the night… the boxing ring where he finds the remains of Gomez stashed in a boxing bag.

Quinn quickly changes tone towards Dexter knowing that he was seen grabbing the cash.  Dexter with no time and no patience blows up at Quinn, yelling “I have a life, you have a life.  Let’s just leave it at that.” Leaving Quinn literally speechless.

Also Rita discovers that Dexter lied about the severity of the accident, meets him at the Miami Metro and demands that he be cut some slack from his work duties.  Dexter explains that all the members in the office work the same, and that’s the way it is.

Meanwhile Lundy & Deb meet to discuss the Lisa Bell Case which is part of the ‘Trinity Killer” investigation.   Conversation turns personal as both exclaim that they are happy and that nothing will happen between them.

With the day wrapped up, so to speak, Dexter relaxes in bed, finally able to get some sleep, as his eyes close, inches away from sleep… “Waahh waaahh waaahhhh” Baby Harrison cries…. “Fuck.”

All in all a pretty good episode, not quite as enthralling as the premiere.  I did really enjoy watching Dexter retrace his steps, tired and concussed.  Wondering; Did I do the smart thing or did I do something dumb and leave the body somewhere I should’nt?   Hardly turning into his overly-potty-mouth sister, but did anyone else notice that Dexter swore twice?  I wonder if this is part of a plotline where Dexter’s mask keeps slipping as his life becomes more complicated?

Rita is becoming quite an annoyance to me, in the first episode she’s ultra demanding on Dexter.  I mean, she’s regularly mentioned previously that she managed to raise two kids ‘all on her own’.  Now when she discovered that Dex’s accident was’nt so minor, she’s all up in his butt about how much his work is pressuring him!  Pah!

Next week’s episode “Blinded by the Light” will surely be interesting.  Dexter’s Dark Passenger will be hampered by a local effort in his neighbourhood to curb vandalism, added to this Rita insists on driving him anywhere.

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Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Nominated for Scream 2009

by on Sep.02, 2009, under Dexter News

Scream 2009 Nominations

Scream 2009 Nominations

Heard of the Scream awards?  Check out Spike TV . The Scream Awards are for anything horror, dark, bloody and gorey.  The insane award categories include:

Fight-to-the-Death Scene of the Year
Holy S***! Scene of the Year

And my personal favourite:

Most Memorable Mutilation

It’s time for Spike TV’s Scream awards again, Dexter has been nominated for Best TV show and Michael C. Hall has been nominated for Best Horror Actor.
Jennifer Carpenter has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Dexter and for her role as Angela Vidal in Quarantine.

Dexter won Best TV Show for Scream 2008, MCH was nominated but lost out to  Fernando Cayo from The Orphanage. Also Julie Benz was nominated for Best Horror Actress, but that was snapped up by Liv Tyler for The Strangers.

So get to Spike TV now and vote for Dexter , MCH & Jennifer Carpenter!

Below are the categories in which Dexter is involved in & who we’re up against.

Best TV Show
Battlestar Galactica
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
True Blood

Best Horror Actor
Bruce Cambell, My Name is Bruce
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Kåre Hedebrant, Let The Right One In
Justin Long, Drag Me To Hell
Ryan Kwanten, True Blood
Stephen Moyer, True Blood

Best Horror Actress
Jennifer Carpenter, Quarantine
Jaime King, My Bloody Valentine 3D
Lina Leandersson, Let The Right One In
Alison Lohman, Drag Me To Hell
Anna Paquin, True Blood
Monica Potter, The Last House on the Left

Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter
Ashley Greene, Twilight
Carla Gugino, Watchmen
Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Shirley Manson, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Rutina Wesley, True Blood

For a full list check out Scream 2009 at Spike TV.

Now a reminder, get out there and vote…. yeah like NOW! Right here:



Jennifer Carpenter

Thanks for voting 😀

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Fan Made Youtube Dexter Compilations

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Uncategorized

Can’t wait until September 27th? Yeah, me niether!! Whilst trying to find anything Dexter related to keep my addicted mind occupied, I stumbled across a couple of awesome youtube fan contributions. These complitations have been done incredibly well, have a look:

Dexter cuts to “Mad World” by Gary Jules

SPOILER ALERT: Do not watch this if you have not finished watching Dexter Season 1

Very well done, apart from the abrupt ending 🙁  but still brilliant eh?

Dexter cuts to “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve

This one has got to be my fave… The timing and lines from the cast makes it awesome! Don’t you think?

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