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Season 4 Finale! "The Getaway" S04E12


December 17, 2009


London, England


posts 25

Well there's that!  What did you guys think of the episode? For that matter, what about the whole season?  Rita's death will bring about huge changes in S5.  I think there are two major forks to begin with.  Will Dexter lose the plot and dump the kids to go serial killing alone (as Harry suggests), or will he embrace his humanity which has been growing in later seasons? 

As far as the season goes, it was my least favourite of all.  Still good, but no match for the others.  The sub-plots around Dexter's friends and co-workers were pathetic this season, previously have been quite good.  Good sidetracks that made sense but did'nt always involve Dexter directly.  If it was'nt for a few captivtaing episodes this year, thanks to a stellar performance by John Lithgow I would have considered dumping the show altogether (no, really!).  The storylines with LaGuerta and Batista's affair were just plain shit, uninteresting, uninvolving and felt forced throughout.  Even Deb's investigation into Harry's CI's, which although led to teary, somewhat deep climax in the final episode it was pale compared to what it *could* have been considering the importance to both characters and the build up all season.  Very disappointing.

So what do you guys think?  Spill it!

December 28, 2009



Ant Burner

posts 1

I too was not very happy with S4 – did not like the ending, of course and as far as the sub-plots, they were weak – did not keep me posted to the tube!  I hope S5 will be better.

Just a quick note – when will S5 start?…..  My son's girlfriend was the one that hooked me on to Dexter….see, she has all the episodes (S1-3) on DVD and my husband and I watched them all li 6 days – yes, we do work and have a family life but when the kids where gone, we were up until 3-4am every night…. we finally finished on the 23rd of Dec. and on the 25th – we started S4 and finished it last night……


January 3, 2010


London, England


posts 25

Ahh another fan of Dexterthons… nothing like sitting down with a whole series (or even more) and letting your weekend slip away!  Dexter usually starts in the last Sunday of September, so you can bet it will be late September or early October.  Welcome to the forum :-D .

January 3, 2010


Tennessee, USA

Rat Killer

posts 10

Holy smokes! Blows my 3 weeks out of the water! I bow to you…anitac…master of Dexterthons…or marathons in general. However did you find the time? I mean…wow. I have been staying up till 7 am sometimes watching Dexter and I think it still took me at least what 2 or 3 weeks… I'm just amazed.

Did anyone else actually shed real tears on that one? I had to go into the bathroom and grab tissues. Wish I'd been warned that something requiring tissues would happen… ahem….Paul!

I know I know…spoiler free… lol …Probably better that way.

But no chance of it being a dream eh? That sucks!

"I have always felt that it was preferable to think with my brain, rather than with certain other wrinkled parts located slightly south…." -Dexter Morgan

January 3, 2010


London, England


posts 25

Considering you have a kid and have to keep relatively normal times, 3 weeks for 4 seasons of Dexter is still a bloody good effort! 

I did'nt shed any tears… bein a bloke an' all, but I did sit in silence for a few minutes with what I'm sure was a jaw-dropped gob-smacked look on my face!  Oi don't blame me.. I just did'nt want you to guess it was a major character!

Nope no chance of it being a dream…  I'll miss her 🙁

January 3, 2010


Tennessee, USA

Rat Killer

posts 10

Funny thing…I checked out the books : Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter, and Dexter in the Dark

I briefly read a little of each one (and am planning to buy them all) and found out that Doakes didn't die and someone else (a major character) that is very alive in the series actually DID die (at the hands of one of the popular killers) while Dexter watched it happen. Not to mention Rita lives in the book. And the Dark Passenger has a history beyond Dex being found in blood. It's a very weird take on how he became who he is. And Astor and Cody…their fate is…unexpected. Then Dexter's fate…wow. And Deb knows certain things that she only half knows in the series.

I don't want to reveal any of the details of anything in case they use some of it on the show or you guys pick up the books.

If they use the details of the third book in the 5th season though…holy cow.

"I have always felt that it was preferable to think with my brain, rather than with certain other wrinkled parts located slightly south…." -Dexter Morgan

January 15, 2010



Ant Burner

posts 2

Just finished the series about 20 minutes ago and oh wow.  Wasn’t as good as two but still very good.  I was really starting to get annoyed with Rita – she was too whinny and clingy.  This was starting to become tiresome.  I somewhat thought that he was going to realize he needed to leave the kids – but when he kept thinking he would change and the family was good for him – well knew something would need to change – just did not see that happeningSurprised.

Leaves it open now for the Grandparents to take Cody and Aster.  Leaves him with Harrison – to raise.  No lies – he has already told him what he does.  Looks like Season 5 is setting up to be a good one.

Just hope the Angel and LaGuerta thing ends – boringYell.

Only thing is how they silence or off Deb – getting too close and she is too good – almost Doakes like.  Do I smell a Doakes like ending – no way to obvious.  The writers seem to be good at camouflaging things better than that.

Couple of things though – the DNA is coming back way too quickly.  It seemed they are able to get the results back in less than a day – how good really is Masuka really – sorry its just f***ing redonculousYell.

Ok – I know – it’s not reality and you need to have a little creative flexibility – but I can’t suspend that much.  Like when he was able to get out of the house – into the garage – when a SWAT team was there with choppers – really.

Anyway still the best show on TV and can hardly wait for the next seasonLaugh.

August 17, 2010


Rat Killer

posts 5

i ma new here and dexter is one of my favorite shows i am waiting for its next season

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