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Dexter S04E03 “Blinded by the Light” Episode Recap

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Episode Recaps

behiiinnnddyooouuuAaaahh poor Dexter, can’t seem to get a break.  The first episode he was fraught by fatigue due to baby Harrison.  Now there’s a vandal in his new neighbourhood which has his neighbour’s panties in a bunch all going vigilante to find the culprit.  They install high intesity security lights (hence the episode title) and organise a neighbourhood watch group every night.  This does not make Dexter’s night duties any simpler.  He is desperately, perhaps even a little too hard, trying to get in good with his neighbours as it is perfect for his camouflage.  But now that they are cramping his nightly activities what’s he to do?

Believing the vandal to be Jesse, son of a neighbour named  Andy, Dexter attempts to scare him as Jesse leaves his house.  Just as Dexter is about to pounce he is chased by the neighbourhood watch patrol blazing their flashlights.  His plan foiled and more than humiliated to be chased like a street punk, Dexter manages to escape.  Astor takes a shine to Jesse, the ‘badboy’ teenager who Dexter believes is the neighbourhood vandal.  Dexter manages to embarass poor Astor as she tries to get close to Jesse.  Fortunately Astor forgives Dexter for being ‘dumb’ and things are smoothed over.  After taking another chance to find the vandal, Dexter discovers that its actually Jesse’s father, Andy who has been terrorising the neighbourhood.  Dexter scares the crap outta him and it looks like that family will be leaving town.

As the Trinity Killer takes his 2nd victim for the show, Lundy explains how he works.  His first victim is a young woman bled to death in a bath.  The 2nd is a married mother of two falling from a height and the 3rd is a man bludgeoned to death.  The first two have taken place, the third will probably be next week in the episode entitled “Dex Takes a Holiday”.  There is even some conjecture that Trinity’s next victim will be a big character in the series.  Quinn, Lundy, Deb’s lover Briggs maybe?  Briggs is my guess, he’s become a bit of  a ‘nothing’ character on the show.  Sure he was the skinner victim back in season 3, and had a few romantic issues with Deb of course… But now they’re just shagging and Deb is even wishing he was’nt around so much.  So who do you think the Trinity Killer will take next?

It's already OverWe are now seeing more of the Trinity Killer, and gaining some more insight into his motivations.  He certainly has some mother issues, when he kills his 2nd victim, he looks at her body smashed up on the ground and cries ‘Mommy’, just loud enough for us to hear.  I have a feeling that the 2nd victims are always something to do with his mother, the first (young woman bleeding to death in the bath), is related to a lover of his and perhaps the 3rd is Daddy?

I do enjoy the comparision between Trinity and our hero Dexter.  Dexter the one who fakes a normal life all the way through to blend in and according to Dexter’s theory, Trinity who is a complete loner and does’nt even try to maintain friendships or a ‘normal’ life.  Could Dexter begin to crave the life of a loner rather than his extraordinary efforts to maintain a seemingly tedious family life?

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