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Dexter S04E01 “Living The Dream” Episode Recap

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Well… Tonight’s the night. 😉  And it sure was! Here’s a recap of the Season 4 Premiere Episode.  Beware, if you haven’t seen the new episode yet, there are BIG, MAHOOSIVE SPOILERS within!The World's Most Killer Dad

As you probably already know, Season 4 is all about Dexter ‘having it all’.  A full family, work and of course feeding his Dark Passenger’s needs. In ‘Dexter time’, 6 months has passed, Dexter & Rita have moved into a new home with their 3 kids, including the new baby.

The premiere opens with a quick glimpse of the ‘Trinity Killer’, John Lithgow, comes off looking positively sadistic & creepy, thoroughly savoring every moment of his victim’s pain & anguish.  Dexter’s sleepless nights cause him to make a huge mistake, appearing in court for a murder trial, Dexter brings the wrong casefile to court.  This leads the case to be thrown out and murderer, Benito Gomez, to go free.  Quinn is quick to abuse Dexter over his mistake. As you can suspect, now that he was set free, Dexter pursues Gomez for his next victim.  But alas, his fatigue causes him to fuck that up too.

Meanwhile Lundy (Keith Carradine) returns to Miami in pursuit of the Trinity Killer, he seeks Dexter’s assistance and informs him that he is retired from the FBI.  Deb is shocked to see Lundy again, stuttering and falling over herself.  Investigating their latest murder, Dexter & Lundy discover that a woman was killed in the same bath 30 years before and posture that if that kill was indeed by the hands of the Trinity Killer, he’s the most successfull serial killer in history.  This serves to spark Dexter’s interest on a whole new level.

The episode ends as Dexter commits a rushed kill, (yes of course he got Gomez in the end) and crashes his car due to falling asleep.

BEST QUOTE: “If I’m going to be around for my son, then I have to do this right… I’m killing for two now.” – Dexter Morgan.

Key Spoilers:

Dexter’s baby is named Harrison… After Dexter’s own Dearly Departed Dad, Harry Morgan (James Remar). What else could he be named??  If it was a girl (like that would happen) would she be called Harriet?!  Anyhoo if you’re on the Facebook fanpage or googled, you would know the name by now… Or did you wait to see the episode?

Angel Batista (David Zayas) & Lt. Maria Laguerta (Lauren Velez) are secretly bumping uglies… WTF Angel?  You could do so much better mate!

Arthur Mitchell aka the ‘Trinity Killer’  enters & kills a woman with a chilling & calm manner. Very unsettling character… However I was more unsettled after seeing John Lithgow’s bare arse on my 50″ flat screen!

‘Superstar’ Lundy returns, now retired from the FBI hunting his ‘one that got away’  ie the Trinity Killer and also ruffles Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) feathers, even though she is shagging Anton Briggs (David Ramsey) and they seem very settled together.  Hmmm.

Deb is still investigating Harry’s old CI’s (confidential informants) getting ever closer to Laura Moser’s file. Will that lead her to discover that Harry & Laura were lovers AND that she is Dexter’s mother?

Quinn becomes involved with a reporter, Christine Hill (Courtney Ford) who is following the Trinity Killer story.

What an awesome episode eh? The cliffhanger is killer (pun intended). Now the questions are, is Dexter ok (most likely), and importantly… what happened to the other bags Dexter?

Don’t have Showtime?  You can watch it online: Dexter S04E01 “Living the Dream”

So what did you think of the premiere?  Leave a comment & let us know.  Also, I’m running a poll so please vote! (on the right).


2 Comments for this entry

  • Extra8

    Cool episode!! Had everything I expect from Dexter!
    Do you think maybe that woman’s murder from 30 years ago might have been the Trinity killer’s first kill? Just an inkling I have…

  • Christie

    OMG! I sure hope Dexter finds those bags! 🙁 He’s got to right? The episode sure did have *everything* Dexter should be. So much better than the Premiere of series 3. I loved the series, but it took me a couple of episodes to get hooked. But this season’s premiere.. zOMG.. straight in & hooked straight away.

    @Extra8… interesting, could be right there.

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