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Dexter Episode 9 “Hungry Man” Recap

by on Nov.24, 2009, under Episode Recaps

What an episode!  Before I begin I must advise you that there are huge (maaahoooosive even!) spoilers within so if you hate spoilers as much as I do and have not seen this episode, seriously you do not want to read this post!  There is also a fair amount of colourful language contained below, I reckon that I should tell you, but I mean hey you watch Deb every week right?

Jonah with Baseball BatDexter is invited to Thanksgiving dinner by Jonah, Arthur’s son, in order to protect him from his father when he finds out about his damaged windshield.  All is certainly not well in the Mitchell household Dexter is bombarded with evidence about Trinity’s overbearing, controlling and downright nasty ways.  He hits Jonah, locks his daughter up in her room and his wife constantly nervous.

Upon arriving it becomes evident to Dexter that Jonah did’nt tell his parents that he invited him, a great way to start off.  Dexter puts on the whole sob story again to force an invite from Arthur.  Once inside Dexter is invited to play football (cos it’s tradition), they look for the football in the garage where Dexter happens upon a newly built coffin! An embarrassed Arthur explains that he made it ‘when he was confused’, before he tried to commit suicide.

While Dexter is dodging his own Thanksgiving to spend it with the Mitchells, Deb invited Masuka long as her ‘wingman’ to the Morgan’s for the bit of Turkey.  The Morgan’s place is bustling with activity, what with Cody asking Deb about her scar and the next door neighbour Elliot hitting on Rita you get the impression no one’s even missing poor ‘ol Dex!  Masuka shows a bit of a deeper side when he walks past the kitchen window only to see Rita and Elliot snogging, Rita pulls away of course, but she lingered there long enough to know she liked it… hypocrite.

Back at Miami Metro, Batista & LaGuerta are busy working away.  The DNA sweep they performed did not turn up Trinity but did scoop up alot of bad guys, including a murderer from an old case of Angel’s.  He asks LaGuerta to come along to tell the good news to the husband that they finally caught his wife’s killer.  Unfortunately the husband is in a coma.  Which later leads to a deep romantic encounter… (not sure whether to yawn or vomit) as Batista realises that life is too short to not say how you feel.

Arthur breaks Jonah's fingerThe atmosphere thickens even more as Dexter discovers Arthur broke Jonah’s finger as punishment for the windshield.  Dexter wanders outside to see his daughter after disovering all the locks on her window and door, she makes a pass at him in the hope that Dexter will protect her.  They are interrupted by the mother, who tells Dex that she does’nt care what he has done or will do to her daughter, as long as he does’nt tell Arthur.  Jeeze, that is some fucked up shit.

They eventually sit down to dinner and do the rounds of what everyone is thankful for, no one says they are thankful for Arthur, which he is obviously fishing for.  When pushed to say it, Jonah explodes and says what he really thinks. He rushes towards the awards wall and says “I know who you really are” “You’re a killer”, then takes Vera’s (Arthur’s sister that he accidentally killed) urn and smashes it.  Arthur leaps forward and starts to choke Jonah, Dexter steps in and drags Arthur through the kitchen door, grabs a knife and just as he is wielding it over him says “I should’ve fucken killed you when I had the chance”, then the wife & daughter burst through to save him! Umm….What the….?

Dexter- I should've killed you

Not able to get out of work mode, Deb is at the Morgan house, in the back of her mind trying to work out the date pattern of Trinity’s kills.  Talking to Rita about occupying the kids over the holidays, summer etc then realises that Trinity’s kills follow a school pattern and she ponders that maybe he’s a school janitor, teacher or bus driver etc.  But this is not her only revelation, she ponders back to a conversation she had with Quinn’s girlfriend.  Christine was sympathising and said she would’nt know what to do if she saw the man that she loved take his last breath.  There is no way she could know that and after double checking this with Quinn, who stated categorically that he never gave Christine those details… Did Christine kill Lundy?

Dexter is pissed at himself for exposing his intentions, and as Harry said, they know he’s coming now.  This will certainly prove to be an issue in the next episode “Lost Boys”.  Dexter finally returns home to enjoy some quality and relatively normal Thanksgiving dinner.

Returning to the love theme, Quinn is being subjected to heavy relationship talk that he really does’nt want.  Christine is putting their relationship in more serious terms, and thanks to some e’hem persuasion 😉  Quinn leaves, as Christine receives a visitor at her front door.  It’s Arthur…. She says “Hi Dad.”


To sum up:

I probably should’ve seen that one coming, Gareth_UK at least saw last week that she was the one who killed Lundy and shot Deb.  But I just could’nt see it.  I guess she’s as good as her father in disguising her true self. But I don’t think many people at all saw that her old man was Trinity!

All in all a fantastic episode, I truly felt the tension in the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mitchell household, I didn’t even mind the lovey dovey Batista & LaGuerta stuff so much cos the rest of the episode was so action packed and with the awesome twists we’ve come to know and love in Dexter, but have’nt seen much of this season.

I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left, this one was a bridging episode, where all the foundations and a few twists have come together and I reckon it’s going to be full steam ahead until the season finale.  I’m not so happy that this season they have chosen to end it with a cliffhanger rather than wrapped up in a nice bundle (pun intended).  I liked that from the very first season, no cliffhangers… so why now people?

I’m sure you enjoyed this episode and are massively looking forward to this week’s episode “Lost Boys”.

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  • Miss Morgan

    Judging by the history of this show, I knew she was introduced for a reason other than reporting and trying to get the hot scoop. However, the twist at the end took me aback so much that I am still processing it! Initially, I thought it was the whole woman scorned, etc etc thing going on — maybe she had something going on with Lundy. But you can see now that if she is Daddy’s Little Girl, she is desperately seeking his approval, probably knows his secrets and killed Lundy for getting too close. Now that i’ve said that, i’m probably wrong!! BTW I , too, Have a Dexter blog (“Harry’s Code”) and have linked out to your site.

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