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Dexter Episode 8 “Road Kill” Recap

by on Nov.18, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Spoilers Within

Deb-presentationFollowing the discovery that Farrow was not a killer, Dexter is riddled with guilt & doubt.  Even though his victim was a wanker, he was no killer.  More than this guilt is the realisation to himself that Dexter is not one to dwell on mistakes which also opens him up to risks and even human-like emotions.  To combat these feelings he realises he must set to do what he should’ve done much earlier.  Kill Trinity.

Popping in to visit Trinity/Arthur, He notices how Arthur treats his family in a very controlling manner, “small cracks in the perfect family, which makes them perfectly normal”.  Dexter/Kyle learns that he is off to Tampa for a four-walls build.   Dexter returns to work in search of a convention to get him off to Tampa.  Laying out a full-on boring story, Dexter manages to get time away by requesting to attend a meteorologist convention to LaGuerta and Rita… Who are suitably brain-numbed into submission.

Catching up with Arthur just as he’s about to leave,  Dexter quickly tries to get a tag-along but finds resistance, Dex then puts on a big sob story, saying that “I need you” so Arthur simply could’nt say no.  Along the drive, Dexter is asking alot of questions to get information about what Arthur might be up to and of course to find the right time to lay him on a table.  Tiring of the questions quickly, Arthur snaps at Dexter, leading him to ask about Dexter’s ‘troubles’.  Eventually at a roadside stop Dexter admits to killing an innocent man, naturally making up some of the details though.  This works to grab Arthur’s undivided attention and even some sympathy.

While still trying to keep Lundy’s legacy alive, Deb makes a huge mistake by letting a slide slip in a presentation alerting LaGuerta to the fact that Deb was chasing the Trinity Killer all along.  Giving up, Deb lays out all of the patterns and LaGuerta surprisingly decides to assign resources to the case.  Unfortunately that means Deb must be taken off the case as she was a victim of Trinity’s.

Arthur takes Dexter to his home where (along with a funny encounter with the owners) he takes Dexter to the bathroom and explains that he was watching his sister in the shower, she saw him in the mirror (or he explains ‘the mirror saw him’) and startled her, she slipped, smashing the glass and slicing her leg.  Maintaining that he was 10 and this was innocent, his parent’s blamed him.  This eventually led to Arther’s mother taking her own life, you guessed it, by taking her own life.  Dexter assumes that after being blamed and taunted by his alcoholic father, Arthur kill him, presumably with a hammer.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb makes a startling discovery whilst checking her shot wounds.  The entry of her wounds are completely level, Deb asks Masuka to have a look.  Masuka, seeing Deb half naked is happy to oblige.  They work out that there is no way with Trinity’s height that he could be the shooter.  She quickly explains this to LaGuerta who not only puts Deb back on the case, but makes her Lead Investigator on it.  They have proof that they are now not after Trinity for the shooting, but someone else entirely and put a plan in action to set up road blocks to take DNA swabs from elderly men.

Staying at Miami Metro, the oh so yawnful relationship with LaGuerta and Batista rises up again over some late night work… Yeah we did’nt see that coming at all. Someone I feel is going to lose out when the brass find out that the relationship is back on.  However the other romance between Quinn & Christine seems to be heating up.  Christine is desperately trying to get a story from Quinn and discovers that swab kits in Quinn’s apartment and chooses to investigate.  Also on the relationship front, it seems that Rita may have an admirer, the next door neighbour ends up having dinner with her and their kids.  Later Rita talks about her wilder years stating that she was a “dress over the head party girl”.   I find it hard to think that being as Rita is so holier-than-thou and also very happy with Dexter that she would let anything happen, but perhaps this friendly neighbour will take things a little too far?

Jump-Trinity-Jump!That night Dexter and Arthur go shopping for ‘build materials’… or rather, Dexter needs more plastic wrapping.  Arthur explains how he feels they are kindred spirits as they have both killed innocent people, Dexter only beleives that they were both born in blood.  Wasting no time Dexter dresses up his hotel room as his kill room.  Later he discovers that Trinity is missing from his room.  Tracing him back to the build site finds Arthur looking out over from the top floor.  Following up behind him, Dexter watches as Trinity steps forward – about to jump!  He lurches to grab hold of Arthur… Lying there holding him Dexter is having trouble deciding whether to let go or save him… “Why keep him alive just to kill him”.  Eventually he chooses to let go, only to be saved by fellow workers.

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