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Dexter Episode 6 “If I had a hammer” Recap

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Spoilers Within

Wow it’s hard to believe we are now half way through, damn I wish the series was more like a 24 parter 🙁 .  Miami Metro are slow to hear about Trinity’s latest Head goes Splat!murder, which Dexter considers to be a good thing.  Dexter is glad as he wants Trinity to himself, however the more he discovers about Trinity the more Dex realises that he could learn alot from Trinity to help his own life.  Trinity has what Dex believes to be a full facade of a life, Trinity (or should we now call him Arthur Mitchell?) is a devout Christian, he runs teams of people, including his own family to build homes for the homeless, tutors kids, goes to Church & has a very loving family that support each other.

Dexter explains that he cannot go after Trinity yet due to his, or should I say, RITA’S problems.  But is’nt it just because he wants to work out how Trinity is such a successful serial killer?  I mean sure the Rita situation needs to be dealt with, but Dexter has jumbled before and done OK.  Either way he realises that Trinity has completed a cycle so will not begin again for a while, therefore decides to concentrate on poor whiney Rita.

So there’s Rita in her natural state, crying and blaming her hubby for her woes.  And Dex in his natural state of thinking WTF, what can I say?  So the counsellor (played by Roma Maffia from Nip/Tuck) tries to get Dex to ‘hear’ Rita.  I did love how the counsellor, after hearing all of Rita’s complaints about her dear husband, confronts her stating that these traits of Dexter’s were present *before* she married him. Take that COW!

Meanwhile Deb is desperately seeking closure for Lundy’s murder, finds herself shutout from the case and considers bending the rules to close off the case, but after an altercation with the woman she’d be accusing, but feels in he end that her integrity is worth more than closure.  She then turns her attentions back to finding Harry’s misstress and advises Dexter that she may be very close.  Seriously, what is with Deb and the men in her life?  The only stable relationship she has with a man is… Dex…. And well… he’s a serial killer!

The oh so yawnful relationship between LaGuerta and Batista seems to have come to a close (at least on the surface) when they come to a realisation that playing by the rules with their work/relationship they have can’t have their cake and eat it too.  I’d put a vote up whether they’re actually still together or not despite the affidavits but I can only see everyone tapping the “Who fricken cares” button.  This is quite a plague for the show, they seem to struggle making the office subplots interesting. That is of course since Doakes, I miss that dude.

Now onto Quinn & Christine, her first scene is lying on the couch in an undone shirt and a hot bra… Umm Dexter’s ratings keep climbing so I am dumbfounded as to why they feel the need to show more skin?  Don’t get me wrong, she’s fit as you like, but even I feel that is incongruent with Dexter.  So, she asks Quinn a favour – to interview Deb in a ‘hero piece’… Thankfully Quinn denies this request, not sure why they even bothered with this scene (apart from the gratuitous cleavage) but I guess more will come to light in the next episode.  Guessing probably Quinn is put in the middle of a situation in which he is tempted to divulge info to Christine?

Back to Dexter, I laughed my friggin arse off when Dexter bought all those pressies… The breadmaker for Rita, “cos we’re always running out of bread” says Dex, to which Rita responds bitchily “We always run out of milk, did you buy a cow too?”  I thought “nope, cos we already have one!!“.  But I digress, Rita & Dexter sitting back in the counsellor’s office, Dexter is under the pump with Rita demanding to know why he kept the apartment.  He learned from seeing Trinity’s trophy’s, murder weapons etc were right out in the open, so takes a leaf from his book and explains that Rita would leave him if she discovered who he really is.  Rita begins to sympathise and realises that Dexter needed the apartment for ‘me time’ and literally. “I need space to keep my stuff.”I’m thinking GREAT, Dexter keeps his apartment but NO… they compromise and he gets a newly kitted out and rather cramped shed in the backyard!  Way to man-up Dex. The good news is that perhaps this is the end of sooking Rita? Maybe, PLEASE?

If I had a hammerIt’s great to see Dexter & Trinity now interacting with each other.  With Dexter’s research we now know that Trinity’s family was killed, his sister in a bathtub, his mother fell from a great height and his father died from a fatal headwound.  Nice to see my predictions were close (ok, we all knew had something to do with family, duh), I thought his partner/wife etc died in the bathtub, that was before I knew he had a family though. Dex sure pushed his buttons with the sister’s urn hey? I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode “Slack Tide”.

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