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Dexter Episode 11 “Hello, Dexter Morgan” Recap

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Episode Recaps

So there was episode 11, very much a ‘tie up all loose ends’ episode.  Get everyone in place ready for the big finale.  Let’s get those loose ends out of the way before we focus on the main storylines.

Rita & DexterAll is not well on the homefront for Dexter, Rita admits to him that she kissed Elliot.  Poor unemotional Dexter did’nt respond as expected.  Dexter showed no signs of jealousy or anger, raising questions for Rita.  Later Dexter punches Elliot to show Rita that he does care.  So that makes Rita happy again. Meh.

Captain Matthews discovers that Batista and LaGuerta are still bumping uglies, so threatens them.  Painted into a corner, they choose to get married to nullify Matthew’s accusations.  The ploy works, but Matthews walks away in disgust with them using the sanctity of marriage for professional gain. Meh squared.

Moving on to the good stuff, Dexter needs to throw the all too effective Quadrinity investigation off track.  He chooses a suspect from Lundy’s file… A trucker who escaped a murder conviction.  He also receives a call from Arthur who is naturally suspicous why a man who witnesses an abduction of a young boy does’nt report it to the police.  Covering himself, Dexter asks for $50,000 from Arthur under theat of being named a pedophile.

Christine is in custody but refusing to talk, Angel bends some rules and keeps her as a material witness to keep her in custody longer while they work out her connection to Quadrinity.

Meeting at a murder scene Dexter realises Arthur is hunting him when he hears the victim’s name was Kyle Butler.  Upset that he’s responsible for yet another innocent person’s life, he realises he must catch Arthur ASAP.  He heads to the ‘next’ Kyle Butler home, puts him to sleep and awaits Arthur.  Unfortunately Arthur discovers that Kyle Butler on a postcard just inside the door, where Dex is ready to pounce, and then leaves.

Angel and Deb finally get a warrant to search Christines house and discover postcards which match the dates and places of Quadrinity’s kills, all signed “Love Daddy”.  They hope that this will urge Christine to talk however she continues to protect her father.  Neither Angel or Deb, who attempted the heart-to-heart approach, were successful in getting Christine to admit she knows that she’s Quadrinity’s daughter.  They eventually let her go – under surveillance in the hope that she’ll contact her father.

Dexter Kills BeaudryDexter is challenged and sidetracked by family and work whilst trying to meet up with Stan before he returns to Miami.  He then rushes back to Miami to cover Stan’s home in Arthur’s DNA.  So then Miami Metro gain a very likely suspect with alot of evidence and hopefully providing Dexter with plenty of time to finally take Arthur out.

Sitting watching TV again, Arthur discovers that Stan Beaudry is now the no.1 suspect, as the story breaks he receives a call from his darling daughter.  The call does not go well at all for the lass with more Daddy issues than a trampstamped Vegas stripper.  She begs for her father’s help, but Arthur tells Christine what a dumbarse she was and disowns her, demanding that she never all him again, ever.  Daddy’s girl does’nt take this well and calls for a meeting with Deb at her home.

Miami’s phones seem to be running hot as Arthur calls Dexter regarding the drop-off for the $50k.  Dexter overhears the games, music and noise in the background and knows exactly where Arthur is – the arcade where he previously nabbed the boy.  So they arrange the meeting time for that evening, then Dexter head straight to the arcade to catch Arthur.  Except that Arthur tricked Dex, so now becomes the hunter and follows Dexter.

Whilst Dexter is uknowingly the hunted, Deb meets Christine at her place with Quinn staying close outside.  Christine in tears admits to Deb that she killed Lundy and shot her.  She begs for Debra’s forgiveness, but Deb is simply unable to.  Christine pulls out a gun and shoots herself.  She calls Dexter in to the office for some brotherly support.

This leads to Arthur following him all the way to Miami Metro where he promptly asks if a Kyle Butler works there, unsurprisingly not.  He steals a visitors pass from a tourist and wanders his way around the office.  Passing a trophy case he sees a bowling photo of Dexter et al. He then stumbles upon Deb’s Trinity wall where he admires his work of over 30 years.  At first he appears a little shocked, then smiles a wicked and satisfied smile,  glancing accross to Stan Beaudry’s photo as no.1 suspect. “Mr Beaudry, you’ve done me a kindness” he grins. Strolling around, Arthur and Dexter spot each other almost simultaneously, Dex jumps out of his chair and rushes (in slomo) towards Arthur – standing toe-to-toe, Arthur glances down at Dexter’s ID badge and coolly says “Hello, Dexter Morgan”.Hello, Dexter Morgan

My 2 cents, I think the episode as a whole was fairly tame.  This is mostly due to tying up the loose ends which no one could give a rat’s arse about.  I also think that there is no way Dexter would have fallen for Arthur’s arcade trap.  With Dexter’s experience along with the fact he knows Arthur is a calculating SOB he would’ve seen it as a trap instantly, even I picked up on it the second he called from the arcade.  Also in the unbelievable spectrum, is that Arthur could get into the Homicide division with just a visitor’s badge?  Even small businesses have a policy that no visitor can be in the building unless they’re escorted, but in a Police Station? Gimme a break!  However, Jennifer’s performance in the suicide scene was awesome as was Courtney Ford’s.  The ending was pure suspense, simply brilliant and made the whole episode!

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