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Dexter Episode 10 “Lost Boys” Recap

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Episode Recaps

After Cody fell through his shed roof last week, Dexter has rented a shipping container to store bloodslides and kill tools.  This is an apt place for his refuge as it is reminiscent of the place his Dark Passenger was born.

Arthur - Office CarnieFocusing purely on killing Arthur now, Dexter tracks him to a shopping mall. He’s not the only one, Arthur follows kids led by a babysitter and whose family is retarded enough to put a sticker with all thier family members on the back of their SUV.  A small boy leaves the group to play a video game, Arthur quickly swoops in and using the family names, conjures up a story convincing enough for the boy to believe and leave with him. Dexter follows them but Arthur is too quick and escapes.

Also hot on Trinity’s trail, Deb seeks the advice and support of Batista letting him know of her hunch about Quinn’s girlfriend Christine. Deb uses the fact that Christine wants to interview her regarding the shooting incident so she can turn the questioning back to her, when she does this Christine appears very uncomfortable and leaves abruptly. Batista is convinced she’s hiding something and assists Deb. They must tread carefully as if they are wrong Quinn will be beyond pissed.

Arthur and Scott play with trains.Meanwhile Arthur is going through his ‘process’. In a windowless room, Scott watches Arthur play with his trains like a child and insists on calling him Arthur. Scott pleads with Arthur to let him go, but it all falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile Dexter discovers why he took the boy, he does’nt kill 3 people, its four! Each person he kills represents a family member, the boy is himself before he walked in on his sister causing her death which lead to the loss of his own innocence.

Lundy missed these as the boys were never found murdered and therefore were just listed as missing persons. Dexter scours the databases and finds previous boys who were killed close before women were found dead in a bathtub. Turns out there’s quite a few and Dexter rushes to locate the boy before its too late. Running against the clock Dexter calls on the help of Arthurs son Jonah who eventually agrees and also asks Dex why he’s the only one outside of the family who sees Arthur for who he really is.Dexter to Jonah-The Sins of the Father

On the homefront Cody gets into a fight at school, a kid says he saw Dexter leave the camp on the last Young Sailors outing. Cody defended Dexter’s honour, gets a black eye and decides he does’nt want to be in Young Sailors anymore if they’re liars, unaware that he is caught up in a lie. This is another nail in Dexter’s ‘good father’ coffin and makes him feel very guilty.

Christine suspects that Deb is on to her and begs for her father’s help. Turns out that Christine is’nt so much a killer like her father, but is so desperate for his attention and approval that she killed Lundy in order to protect her Arthur. Christine also lets him know that she remembers when she was a child and following him on one of his bathtub kills.

Little does Christine know, but Deb is even closer than she fears. Deb using her unique brand of charm, manages to convince Quinn to get some DNA evidence from her. Quinn returns with a toothbrush it ends up with Masuka to analyse. Later Masuka returns to report that Christine is related to Trinity. The team waste no time finding her and Christine is arrested.

Arthur and ChristineFrantically dodging everyone and everything he can to focus on tracking down the house where Arthur is keeping the boy, Dexter finally finds some evidence in an and old bomb shelter, but he is too late, he missed them by only minutes. He works out that for Arthur to have keep these boys’ bodies a secret all these years, he must be burying them in the Four Walls project houses. He rushes to the closest one to find Arthur zipping up the boy and about to sink him into a deep hole of wet cement. After a struggle Dexter manages to save the sinking boy but Arthur escapes.

I think the episode as a whole was awesome, it lacked some of the punches compared to the last episode, but I was totally engrossed during the entire show. It was great watching Deb being ultra focused and on the offensive with Christine. Also John Lithgow continues his virtuoso performance keeps me chilled to the bone. Apart from Quinn/Christine there was’nt too much going on in couples world which I found refreshing. Of course there was Dexter feeling guilty about working so late all the time and involving Cody in a lie.

Judging from this week’s previews I highly suspect a major charater is on the chopping block this week. I don’t have anything to base this on but I reckon it’s going to be Deb! What do you think? Leave a comment or discuss in the forum.

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  • Sexter

    Lost boys was a intense episode it had that adrenaline rush feeling going that anything could go wrong but i personally think that Dexter is going to regret not killing Arthur more than he thinks, Things are gonna change and get personal after this episode, Arthur is going to go on offense and i think Dexters family or Deb are in danger and dexter is going to have to save his family from him. as for christine i enjoyed her sexual tension with quinn always ready to give a good head xD, other than that i know Deb is a stubborn Det but she doesnt know the world of dexter i mean serial killers there are no rules which is ironic

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