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New Dexter Trailer Shown at Comic Con 2009

by on Jul.24, 2009, under Dexter News

At the 2009 San Diego Comic Con on Thursday July 23 a brand new Dexter Season 4 trailer showed the before the panel began.  The trailer begins with Dexter, cradling his baby and whispering “Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people” then leads into now a family man of 3 children “, leading an apparently normal life.  Rita, hugging Dexter, says “how much are we living the dream”. “Living the Dream” is the title of the S4 Premiere episode.  The narrator says: “Dexter Morgan has everything he wants, except the one thing he needs…a little time to kill.”

A few more cut cut scenes follow, it seems that the new baby is causing Dexter alot of lost sleep, making it difficult for him to attend to his Dark Passenger’s needs. A few more cut scenes follow with John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer, as he kills in threes, looking purely evil.  Dexter assisting Special Agenty Lundy at one point says: “Trinity’s the most successful serial killer ever.” Glimpses of Trinity and how he is about to kill a boy’s mother were then shown.  The full trailer can be watched below this post.

When the panel began, John Lithgow surprised the audience by stating that he is yet to share a scene with the rest of the stars. Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz, who also sat on the panel. “We’ve done five episodes now,” he stated. “I still lurk & stalk… I have’nt worked with any of these people yet. I cant wait to have scenes with them.” Speaking more about his character, Trinity, saying “On Dexter play a serial killer and his first victim is High Commander Dick Solomon. …I can’t tell you anything about this marvelous character, but he has many layers and colors.”

MCH then answered some question, one of which was wheter his baby has any of Dexter’ serial killer tendencies. “The baby has yet to exhibit any signs,” Hall said. “It’s possibly there, lurking.”

A very intriguing clue regarding what to expect from the 12 episodes came from Lithgow. He announced “I’m the only person on the set who knows what’s going to happen in all 12 episodes. I could speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode.”

Attendees at the Dexter panel at Comic Con have said that it was one of the biggest panels held at “Ballroom 20”.  Also announced was that there will be 12 animated webisodes titled “Early Cuts” which, narrated by MCH, will be released this Fall and will chronicle Dexter’s path of learning how to be a serial killer.

As you see towards the end, Dexter’s new and very busy life is taking its toll.  He has never ‘lost it’ like that before, he’s usually such a  Darkly Debonaire Dexter ;-). Dexter Season 4 premieres on September 27 and from the look of it will be a seriously captivating one.

Any thoughts on the trailer? Please leave a comment :-D.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Derek

    Yay! First comment! Wow, what a trailer, much more than the original promo. Dexter *really* does lose it! Actually looks like a madman… totally lost the plot. Wating S4 is just about ‘killing me’ now… Thanks for the update!

  • Kerry

    Dying to see S4! Can barely wait, so good to get a fix of my favorite show.

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