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Dexter Movie in 2010?

by on Apr.09, 2009, under Dexter News


Talk on the rumourmill is that Showtime are looking to capitalise on the success of Dexter and produce a straight-to-dvd movie. SyFy content producers of Battlestar Gallactica & Stargate series has Showtime wondering if they get their own cashcow with Dexter.

As yet there is no confirmation of which series will be the focus of this project, but apparently Showtime are looking at Dexter, The Tudors and (not yet aired) Hero.  If Dexter is chosen then expect to hear about it at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in July.

The rumours continue that if they got the go-ahead the film would be release between the 4th and 5th seasons, which will give fans something to look forward to between the inter-season hiatus of 2009-2010.

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  • sandy

    i am a bit skeptic on this. Up until now the majority of attempts to bring tv series in the big screen are far from successful. Lets w8 and see

    • James

      I don’t know what they are trying to make a movie about. The show pain stackingly detailed, there is no way a 2 hour movie can even come close to what Jeff Lindsay created. A movie would most likely ruin Dexter and co. We all know that Showtime is pretty bad, they never have good movies on. Dexter and Weeds in my opinion saved them, so a Dexter movie is probaly going to happen because Showtime needs the income. They would probally put most of the money into special effects and big name actors, and when it comes time to get to know Dexter they wont be able to afford a proper consultant. All Dexter fans must protest this as soon as the rumor is confermed. This is what Hollywood America has become, something good comes out they have to make a second one that has nothing to do with the first one just for the income. Don’t let Corprate America kill Dexter.

      • Paul

        James I understand where you are coming from, but do you think Showtime actually need the cash? I mean Dexter, Weeds & Californication are massively popular shows. You don’t hear anyone talking about a Weeds or Californication movie?

        However I do agree that Corporate America has alot to answer for in the entertainment realm (well much more than that, but that’s for a different website!).

        The more I think about it the more I wonder how a Dexter movie will work. The series roughly follows each book and it works well that way. In a 1 1/2 – 2 hour movie format I just don’t see it being congruent with the books OR the series, that is without completely ignoring the storylines in the novels.

  • thomas

    i understand you skepticism sandy. lets see how it goes. i am sure that they will take into account this considerations

  • abert

    i am sure that the movie will be great. i trust these producers since all the other works they have done were just great. Looking forward to it

  • antony

    i suppose casting will be the same with the one in the series but do we know something about the plot?

  • brad

    Not a clue. I hope the end of the movie will be twisting. i like twisting ends that make you say “What the ….. i didnt expect that”

  • sandy

    Do we know up to know if the have chosen dexter? Or at least what seems to be firswt on their list?

  • peter

    Sandy dont worry if the decide to really pick dexter i am sure the result will be outstanding 🙂

  • jon

    what they need to do for the movie is go way back to the beginning. who killed dexter’s real mom, how dexter coped with it how he grew up to be vigilanty and how harry supported him and how he hid his self or what he does from the world.
    i think that would be a great way to go for the movie. how it all started. it might even get more people to watch the 1st season and then they will continue to watch. and this way it could be shortened down to an hour and a half to 2 hours.

  • bleh

    This series is a movie in it’s own entirety…
    If you watch, the producers did an outstanding job of integrating Dexter’s past into the show without having to take time to do a season or a movie about it. What makes Dexter so great is that it is written in such a way that you CAN’T reduce it to a 2 hour show. That’s the beauty of it, and by chopping it down, they are going to do what we see highschool girls do at their prom: Add too much makeup and look hideous.

  • Brad K

    Assuming they don’t terminate the show with Dexter being caught and, instead, leave it open with him attempting to abandon his ‘Dark Passenger’; they could and should make the movie after the end of the final season. There really would be a box of endless possibilities for the movie and sequels to the movie. Also, I believe movie success would spark interest for new audience pools to watch the show and therefore optimize the popularity of the series.

    It would be a win-win situation for all – those who have both money and art in their bests interests.

    • Paul

      A movie would certainly increase the show’s popularity, but don’t you think that there would be too much temptation to end the movie with a bang? As you said either he dumps his Dark Passenger to lead a normal life or he’s caught? I think that would be best left to the series. However if they did a prequel movie, perhaps expanding on the “Early Cuts” webisodes then I think that could work without ruining the series.

  • Alex

    Here would be a cool idea, all of Dexters new kills start wind up being found up north in Nova Scotia in Fishermans nets after being pulled up by the Gulf Stream. Rita never really died, because Dexter fell asleep on his boat after killing Trinity & was dreaming that he came home to find Rita dead….you fill in the rest…enjoy

  • mo

    alex what a great idea!!!! i think dexter needs rita in a big way to continue along the theme that is going on now..cause if shes dead then his biggest inspiration to a normal life is gone and/or his life is totally changed cause hes solely responsible of bringing up his children either way dexter morgan “the serial killer” is done

  • William Roberts

    Californication could be have been better but the story is just average~’:

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