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Dexter hits 2010 with big news!

by on Jan.21, 2010, under Dexter News

First off welcome to 2010! Hey it is only January 21st ;-).

Lots of news already around Dexter and cast. First off poor MCH announced on the 13th of January that he has been battling cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) since last year and is now in remission. Not even the cast or crew new about it. Lauren Velez (Lt. Laguerta) told E! Online:

“You know they’ve always been incredibly private and kept to themselves, and he’s always been very private and throws himself into his work, so I knew nothing of it, and I don’t think anyone else did either.”

Michael C. Hall

“I had every intention of keeping it quiet, but because award shows were imminent, I had to make a statement.” he said.

Best of luck in remission MCH, we all hope pull out of it competely.

Now onto the bestest news! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, MCH has finally recognised as the true talent that he is. After 4 nominations he was awarded with Golden Globe’s Best Actor in a Drama series. Mega contrats to you Michael, you deserve it! Added to this John Lithgow was awarded with Best Supporting Actor in a Drama series, again very rightously deserved for his stellar performance Season 4’s antagonist, Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer.

Rumour has it that Bill Paxton who plays the lead on Big Love said that Hall only won due to the ‘cancer card’. IF this is true… get a life fucktard.  Dexter is a better show with more depth and all round superior productivity, storylines, supporting cast and MCH is simply a better actor.  Get over it.

Unfortunately (and again) Dexter missed out on Best Drama series to Mad Men (again!). Who knows maybe Dexter will win that category for a different award this year.

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7 Comments for this entry

  • Merchaholic

    Can’t wait for season 5. Would of been dope if a movie was released between 4 n’ 5 lol. Give me somethin’ to fuckin’ do with myself. So now I get to read the book that inspired the show.

  • IHateTrinity-aholic

    Too bad that he has cancer. Season 4 was amazing. I cried on the last episode though, haha. Can’t wait for season 5, literally i dont think i can wait until October im going to go crazy. I really didnt like the twist at the end but at the same time i thought it was good for the show. I really didnt like trinity, he like wanted Dexter’s child to go through the same thing that Dexter did i thought that was pretty messed up. But i loved season 4 cant wait for season 5. You can get through it Dex♥. I know you can<333

  • Dexaholic

    What a shock about MCH. If Bill Paxton said that I feel bad for him because he’s a real shit and remember you get what you give. Last season was fustrating to watch with dex burning the candle at both ends. I loved Rita’s character and the life that she breathed into Dexter but the dynamic needed to end all the nagging was making me crazy and I’m a chick. I would have maybe had them get a divorce but then that’s why I love the show so much because it shocks and never bores me. Love the fucktard comment (channeling our inner Deb are we). Can’t wait for next season.

  • dexterlover

    when will season 4 be out on DVD?? anyone have any ideas?

  • dexluvr

    this may sound terrible to some but rita got on my nerves so i didnt care that he killed her! gonna suck for dexter but i dont have to here her whine and be naggy

  • Dexterwannabewatchin

    I LOVE….L O V E this guy AND the Character he has given life to in DEXTER…A-friggin-mazing!!!! I am hooked!

  • Hilda

    database plrboem the second starts downloading than just stops,the 3rd and 4th wont even start.I never had this plrboem before with your site.Can you please upload another mirror or somehow fix these?! :S

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