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Scream Awards 2009 – Results are in!

by on Oct.28, 2009, under Dexter News

Scream 2009 Nominations

Last night was the night of nights for SpikeTV’s Scream Awards.  If you’re not familiar, the scream awards I posted about them when both Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were nominated for their respective roles in Dexter.  Basically the awards celebrate horror, thriller,Sci-Fi  and other associated movies, TV shows and comic books.  Very Emmy type categories are included, but a few extra gorey ones are added such as the Fight Scene of the Year, the best HOLY S^&* scene and my personal favourite, Most Memorable Mutilation.

This year the most  True Blood swept away most of the awards including Best TV Show, Best Horror Actress (Anna Paquin) and Best Horror Actor (Stephen Moyer).  No offense to any fans of the genre but I really find these vampire themed shows to be utterly dull, overacted & uninvolving.  However this is the current in thing and the Scream Awards which are visitor voted, reflect this.

As Dexter, although thrilling and quite graphic is not the most horrific to watch compared to the vampire genres or movie such as Saw.  So I was’nt expecting alot from the Scream Awards crowd.  Michael C. Hall missed out on Best Actor, but a nice surprise is Jennifer Carpenter won Best Supporting Actress! All I can say is congrats Jennifer & keep up the good work.  If find you to be a very talented actress, but unfortunately the Deb character leaves me wanting more depth, rather than just a crapload of swearing, tears and unlucky romances.

Scream Awards – Pre-show quick interviews including Julie Benz and Jennifer Carpenter, who exclaimed how amazing it would be to win a Scream Award!  Congrats again Jennifer :-D.

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Dexter S04E05 “Dirty Harry” Episode Recap

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Spoilers Within

Yet another great episode of Dexter, it begins with our hero running through to the crime scene attempting to get behind the tape, but he is’nt allowed in as he left his forensics pass at home.  Yelling that his sister’s been shot and he works for Miami Metro does not stop the cop from pushing him back, naturally Batista comes to his rescue and yells “Let him through, he’s one of us”. Seriously. WTF. We’ve seen this so many times on sooo many shows, always reminds me of Arnie and his most famous quote: “I’M A COP YOU IDIOT!”. Why does Dexter have to be this unoriginal?  Very very lazy writing guys.

Luckily the episode quickly ramps up from that debarcle and we discover Lundy did’nt make it, we will miss you Keith Carradine.  Lundy has been a favourite character for a while and I somehow think that his death is a little premature in the series, but what the hell do I know.

Dexter in trouble with Rita

Dexter in trouble with Rita

As Dexter rushed out of the house to get to the scene, his forensics badge was not the only thing he left behind.  Back home Dexter’s phone rings and Astor answers it, turns out its about his apartment, the landlord saying that a pipe has burst.  Whoops.  Dexter promised to dump his apartment when he got all nuptial with Rita.  So she confronts Dexter, who manages to evade her for the time being.

Which brings me to the Rita character.  What the hell is going on with her?  In the last two seasons she’s become more annoying, those deeply voiced breathy, whiney fucking questions.  Honestly I wish sometimes Trinity would take the bitch out.  Don’t get me wrong, Julie Benz is a talented actress and cute as a button and yes I get what the writers are doing with the series – Can Dexter have it all.  At the moment seems to be yes, Dexter can have it all.  As long as what he wants is a sister who’s unlucky in love, a nagging wife, screaming kids and a workplace full of sordid love affairs.  Even though I see that they are creating a sense of family and conflict for Dexter do they have to make Rita such a pest? I really wish Dexter would man up and tell Rita that he needs his apartment to get away from her everynow and then cos she is so fucking annoying!

So speaking of affairs.  LaGuerta advises the brass about her involvement with Batista, against his wishes.  Batista at first shows his disdain but does’nt take long to succumb again. Is he really that hard up for a lay? Captain Matthews is back in Miami Metro due to Lundy’s death, and tells LaGuerta that Batista must be transferred out of homicide because of their relationship.

Next is Deb & Anton, she admits to Anton in the hospital that she did the deed with Lundy, he responds by saying they can get through this yada yada yada – But Deb stops him short and says “You deserve so much better”.  This I’ve seen coming for a while as Anton has been a bit of a vague character for a while and needed to be gotten rid of to clear up some room for Deb I guess.  Poor Deb is quite distraught about Lundy and blames herself as if they did’nt rekindle thier love he would’nt have been in the carpark.  Rita poorly explains this as, its’ not your fault ‘life happens’.  Dexter does a better job of helping her feel better.

To finish up the relationship babble, which is really quite dull this season.  Quinn and Christine Hill (reporter).  Quinn, yet another man who is strong, yet weakened by his nether-regions, forgives Christine for printing the story he provided the information for and end up doing the horizontal mambo again.  I wonder how long it will be before she does the same thing, or will Quinn manage to keep his massive gob shut?

Is it just me or did the whole Vaction Murderer storyline seem a bit uninvolving?  It was there and watchable but simply did’nt grab me.  I did like how Batista used the Syphilis information about Rose to lure in his parter.  Even though his partner kills Rose, I’m not sure though if the Vacation Murderer sub-plot is over as in the end was’nt it just a little too easy to bring it to a close?

Trinity Killer takes 3rd Victim - Mask look familiar?

Trinity Killer takes 3rd Victim - Mask look familiar?

Now for what you’ve been waiting for.  Dexter, using Lundy’s voice tapes finds the building where Lundy believed where the Trinity Killer would strike next and actually had a run-in with him.  In the security room in the building, Dexter watches Trinity kill his next victim with a hammer.  Chasing Trinity afterwards, Dexter is gob-smacked to tail him to a lovely suburban house where Trinity kisses his wife at the door and fondly greets his children.  Whoa, Dexter believed that Trinity is a “very different monster” all this time and we were led to believe that Trinity was so successful because he lived a solitary life. Now Dexter discovers that Trinity is just like him, living a complete lie of a life to pursue their victims and feed thier darkest needs.

By the way… If you missed the episode you can watch an online stream of it here.

Has Rita become too annoying?

  • O-M-G Yes. Trinity - Take her out! (47%, 148 Votes)
  • Yep, a little. (33%, 105 Votes)
  • Whadda ya mean? She's lovely! (20%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 317

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Dexter “Early Cuts” Posters & Pics

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Dexter News

This Sunday, 25th of October  Showtime will debut “Early Cuts”.  There will be 12 webisodes that will each contain 4 chapters.  Each episode will run from one to two minutes on

Michael C. Hall will narrate as Dexter Morgan and will be based on how Dexter honed his serial killer skills, some episodes will, as a producer/write of the show explained “how Dexter’s killing techniques evolved, from haphazard to the calculated methods seen on the show.”

The art is provided by some  familiar names in Kyle Baker, Ty Templeton and Andres Vera Martinez. Below are some teaser pics and a poster.

So Sunday will be a great Dexter day, we have the release of the first webisode and of course episode 5 “Dirty Harry” too!

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Episode Synopsis: Episode 5 “Dirty Harry”

by on Oct.22, 2009, under Teasers

Spoilers Within

In the next episode of Dexter, to air on the 25th of October we find that since Deb has been injured, Dexter is now on a personal hunt for the Trinity Killer. Deb on gurney However the further he investigates Trinity the more he realises his target is unlike any monster he’s ever encounted.  Poor Deb blames herself even though the events were completely out of her control, however her guilt pushes away those closest to her.

LaGuerta and Batista close in on the Vacation Muders investigation & Batista realises he can use Quinn’s journalist girlfriend to his advantage.  Rita discovers a secret that Dexter has been keeping from her and begins to realise how little she knows about her husband.

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Dexter S04E04 “Dex Takes a Holiday” Episode Recap

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Episode Recaps

Following on from last week’s episode we last saw Dexter, clearly busted by Rita as he smashed the light.  I found it very disappointing that they saw fit to cut to the next day and explain the whole situation away as Dexter being ‘stressed’… lame copout that was.  I wanted to see Dexter use his talents to get outta that one!  Pah.Zoe-on-the-table

So as poor Dexter is stressed, Rita takes the kids to a wedding out of town allowing time for him to have some R&R.  Not the normal kind of rest naturally, but a new victim.  Meet Zoe, a hot, hardcore copper.  She also killed her family.  Dexter runs around and does his normal due diligence to ensure her guilt.  Harry pops in (yawn) and continues to lecture Dex on his time constraints, being a full time father and all.  Again Harry explains that one of the reasons Trinity has evaded capture for so long is that he has no family.  For a moment Dex even sympathises with his new victim.

Quinn’s over active gob gets him in trouble as his bed-buddy naturally uses all he told her about the Trinity investigation and Lundy’s arrival in Miami.  LaGuerta is pissed about this and removes his visitor priveleges.  Trinity reads the article in the paper later indentifies him at what Lundy believes to be the location of his next kill.  The two have a dramatic, but minor encounter, Lundy takes note: ‘Eyes: blue, and there was something in them’.

Batista & LaGuerta have a few issues, LaGuerta wants to disclose thier relationship to the brass to ensure everything is above board.  Batista is’nt ready for the relationship to be ‘out there’ as then its defined.  In the ‘other’ relationship, Quinn has words with his reporter girlfriend and dumps her, but I don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of her.

As Dexter has an epiphany that ‘he loves his family’ while Zoe is on the table, Lundy spills all his feelings to Deb, she ends up smooching walking together, smiling as BANG Deb is shot, followed by Lundy.  Both fall to the ground it appears that Deb could still be alive but appears that Lundy has snuffed it.  As the shooter takes Lundy’s wallet, I guess it’s the Vacation Murderer.

Who will actually die?

  • Lundy (85%, 22 Votes)
  • Neither, both survive (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Both (4%, 1 Votes)
  • Deb (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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